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Custom-made Stoves

Apart from standard models we can also offer „custom-made Želetava stoves“. For those who always follow their own path, who want the stove „of their own“.

It is your turn, become co-authors of your stove. We will manufacture it exactly according to your wishes. Walk through the manufacturing process with us.

Using the state-of-the-art visualization programme PaletteCaD we are able to design a solution for you and you will see everything before we start realizing it.

We will fine-tune the smallest details together. Tiles, number of rows, colours, colour combinations, shapes and location of ventilation tiles, tile joints colour, accessories such as tools, wood container…


BES (žula)
GAMA V a dřevník (šedý plech)
NUT s výměníkem a soklem (bílá lesk)
AFRODITA (s věnečkem zelená)


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