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GAMA grey metal plate

GAMA šedý plech
2 457 EUR include VAT

Suspension fireplace stove that may change its look according to your interior.

The front part can be easily replaced by another tiled cover, graphic tile, sprayed or enamelled metal plate, just peek into the gallery. Gama stove will also adjust to you by its positioning. It can be hung to any height, depending on how high you want to look into a fire or how much you want to bend down when stoking. Thus a space for wood storage may be created. Upon customer’s request an angular holder can be manufactured that swivels the Gama stove in e.g. 45° angle. The variability is immense. The modern E1U insert with external air inlet and triple combustion system guarantees top combustion properties. The stove is recommended for modern interiors and new buildings with low-energy standard or for smaller spaces.

heating power
3–8 kW
water exchanger
fuel type
wood, wood briquette
E1 U
1110 mm
590 mm
460 mm
100 kg
flue diameter
150 mm
flue outlet
fuel consumption
cca 1,5 kg/hr
log length
33 cm


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