Fireplace Inserts E1

Fireplace Inserts E1
Fireplace Inserts E1
Fireplace Inserts E1

Basic insert model.

The insert efficiency and heating power are guaranteed by a 3-deflector flue. Combustion chamber is perfect for 30 cm long logs but even a bulky block of wood fits. We know that our customers do not burn by-the-book wood, that is why this insert and air inlet system is devised in a way to cope even with a lower-quality wood, but be careful – everything has its limits and you should be aware of that. The insert can be used for individual fireplace construction.


fireplace insertsprice
Fireplace Inserts E1 1 577 EUR

All prices include VAT.

Technical parameters
heating power
3–11 kW
fuel type
wood, wood briquette
850 mm
466 mm
467 mm
114 kg
flue diameter
150 mm
flue outlet
rear, top
fuel consumption
cca 2,1 kg/hr
log length
33 cm
minimum chimney draught
10 Pa
4 mm
80 %
content of dust (TZL - solid pollutant substances) in combustion products (10 % O2)
16 mg/Nm³
content of carbon monoxide (CO) in combustion products (13 % O2)
1300 mg/Nm³
combustion products temperature
218 °C
clean glass system
regulation of primary and secondary air
in compliance with environmental standards
B-VG §15a, BlmSchV, ČSN-EN-13229
external air inlet

Krbová vložka E1
Vložka E1


E1 insert it in the stove


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