Fireplace Inserts E1 VO

Fireplace Inserts E1 VO
Fireplace Inserts E1 VO
Fireplace Inserts E1 VO

Water version of the E1 insert.

Water exchanger is formed by a double-layer top third of a stove. Most of the insert heating power is thus absorbed by the hot water exchanger. This should be taken into account especially when planning the radiators positioning in a room where the fireplace or stove is situated. It is because radiated heating power into the environment is only 3 to 4 kW.


fireplace insertsprice
Fireplace Inserts E1 VO with exchanger1 840 EUR

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Technical parameters
heating power
3–11 kW
exchanger power
2–8 kW
fuel type
wood, wood briquette
901 mm
466 mm
433 mm
flue diameter
150 mm
flue outlet
top, rear by request
fuel consumption
cca 2,1 kg/hr
log length
33 cm
minimum chimney draught
10 Pa
4 mm
80 %
water capacity
20 l
content of dust (TZL - solid pollutant substances) in combustion products (10 % O2)
59 mg/Nm³
content of carbon monoxide (CO) in combustion products (13 % O2)
1250 mg/Nm³
combustion products temperature
230 °C
weight without water
114 kg
ratio of heating power into water
50 %
clean glass system
regulation of primary and secondary air
in compliance with environmental standards
B-VG §15a, BlmSchV, ČSN-EN-13229

Obestavba krbové vložky E1 VO


E1 VO insert it in the stove


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