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This stove is part of the BES line of stoves, which our customers value primarily for their design, practicality and small output. The BES EXCLUSIVE is taller by one row of tiles, making it possible to place dry fire bricks in the upper part of the stove for heat accumulation. Accumulation rings made by Czech company LAC, s. r. o., have excellent attributes that fully meet the demanding requirements of Želetava stoves.

BES EXKLUSIV smoothgray granite3 709 EUR
BES EXKLUSIV akumulace smoothgray granite4 199 EUR

All prices include VAT.

Technical parameters
heating power
3–7 kW
water exchanger
fuel type
wood, wood briquette
E1 U
1660 mm
600 mm
600 mm
210 kg
flue diameter
150 mm
flue outlet
fuel consumption
cca 1,5 kg/hr
log length
33 cm
88 %
external air inlet

BES Exklusiv Aku
BES Exklusiv Aku
BES Exklusiv Aku
BES Exklusiv Aku
BES Exklusiv Aku bílý
BES Exklusiv Aku aztek
BES Exklusiv Aku slonová kost
BES Exklusiv Aku hladká bílá lesk, 2 kruhy navíc, kachle MK
BES Exklusiv Aku hladká aztec, 1 řada kachlí navíc, kachle MK
BES Exklusiv Aku šedá granit, kachle MK
BES Exklusiv Aku krémová
BES Exklusiv Aku zelený

And how does it all work? The space above the insert can be filled with up to 75 kg of fire brick that after 4 hours of heating reach temperatures of up to 190 °C. The rings absorb heat that otherwise would go up the chimney. This increases the efficiency of the stove up to 88 %. This stored heat is then gradually released depending on the surrounding environment for 8 to 12 hours, continuing to heat the space when the fire in the stove has long gone out. The high efficiency of the stove (88 %) means you burn less wood. Dry heat accumulation is an excellent way to distribute heat output over time without the need for a water heat accumulation tank and other central heating elements, the stove is just connected to the chimney in the regular manner.

Ideal use would be as follows:

You come home from work and light a fire in the stove in the afternoon, which immediately provides pleasant heat. The accumulation rings slowly become hot and throughout the night continue to give off pleasant radiant heat through the tiles. When you come in the morning and put your hand on the tiles, they will still be pleasantly warm. The immediate output of the stove is decreased to 4 kW. But roughly 30% of heat output is absorbed, depending on the total mass of fire brick. This heat is gradually released over the next 8 to 12 hours. You can also buy the BES EXCLUSIVE without heat accumulation rings, which can be installed later. And if you are already an owner of a regular BES stove, it can be expanded and converted to a BES EXKLUSIV AKU. The utility of the stove will then increase several fold.

The standard tile color for BES EXKLUSIV AKU stoves is “grey granite”, but you can also select from a full line of other shades when ordering. The flue pipe runs from the top.

As with other stoves you should use quality dry hardwood (or wood briquettes) with a moisture content less than 20% (approx. 2 years of storage).

For proper burning and heating it is important to connect to a suitable and properly sized chimney with a flue pipe at least 150 mm in diameter with effective height of at least 5 meters.

Naturally, when installing the stove it is necessary to comply with fire protection and safety measures, including placement of the stove at a distance of at least 20 cm from walls (and twice that distance from combustible materials), placing the stove on a fireproof base (extending at least 300 mm in front of the door and ashpan and 100 mm in other directions), etc.

Of course, it is a little easier to meet these requirements with a round stove.

Professional installation and connection can be arranged upon sale, but are not included in the price of the stove.


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