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Among all our other stoves, BES stoves are distinctive and unmistakable. This is due to their round shape, which evokes a feeling of natural elegance while also providing great flexibility in interior placement.

The standard model is constructed with an upper tile cap and rear flue pipe, but you can also order the flue to run from the top. This makes it possible to turn the stove at any angle into the space. The BES is often placed in a corner or in various niches or additions or spaces below stairs etc.

The depth (or in this case the diameter) of the stove is only 60 centimeters, so in addition to its sleek and elegant feel the stove does not protrude much into space. With a top flue and direct connection to a chimney, the stove can also be placed in the middle of the room.

heating power
3–8 kW
water exchanger
1360 mm
600 mm
600 mm
166 kg
flue diameter
150 mm
flue outlet
rear, top
height of neck axis centred
1105 mm
fuel consumption
1,5 kg/hr
log length
33 cm
minimum chimney draught
10 Pa
80 %
combustion products temperature
250 °C
external air inlet

100 mm


BES, medový
BES zelený, kachle MK Profi
BES hladká, vínová červená č. 10
BES hladká, bahama a terrarosa
BES hladká, bílá lesk č. 5
BES hladká, lahvová zelená č. 64
BES hladká, aztec
BES hladká, aztec
BES EXKLUSIV tmavě šedá
BES hladká, lahvová zelená č. 64
BES hladká, bílá lesk
BES medová
BES hladká, šedá granit
BES hladká, bílá lesk č. 5
BES hladká, medová č. 7
BES hladká, lahvová zelená č. 64
BES hladká, lahvová zelená č. 64
BES lahvově zelená č. 64
BES hladká, granny mat
BES hladká, medová
BES hladká, aztec č. 112
BES hladká, lahvová zelená č. 64
BES hladká, granny mat
BES hladká, mandarin č. 87
BES hladká, bílá lesk č. 5
BES medová Slavkov
BES hladká, bílá lesk

The classic BES model is characteristically distinctive with lively colors and a smooth tile design. You can choose different shapes for the openings in the vent tiles above the firebox. You can also select just about any color of tile.

The BES EXCLUSIVE is created by adding an extra row of tiles above the firebox. This extra space can be filled with fire bricks to extend the amount of time heat is radiated.

All new BES stoves are also equipped with an external air intake which, combined with the relatively low output (3–8 kW), make the BES ideal for heating smaller spaces, energy efficient, passive heating, or well insulated homes.

The E1U stove insert gives the BES its slim shape. The insert is designed for vertically burning logs up to 33 cm in length. Combustion is very efficient and effective when using quality dry hardwood (wood should not have a moisture content greater than 20%, which corresponds to roughly 2 years of storage).

For proper burning and heating it is important to connect to a suitable and properly sized chimney with a flue pipe at least 150 mm in diameter with effective height of at least 5 meters. Naturally, when installing the stove it is necessary to comply with fire protection and safety measures, including placement of the stove at a distance of at least 20 cm from walls (and twice that distance from combustible materials), placing the stove on a fireproof base (extending at least 300 mm in front of the door and ashpan and 100 mm in other directions), etc.

Of course, it is a little easier to meet these requirements with a round stove.

Professional installation and connection can be arranged upon sale, but are not included in the price of the stove.


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