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As the name would indicate, this is a robust and powerful stove. It is among the most powerful stoves you can buy on the market and is even comparable to the most powerful firebox inserts, all the while maintaining the characteristic appearance and benefits of a tile stove. The HERKULES can heat vast spaces, buildings and homes.

For a single contiguous open space it is technically and financially less demanding to install a model without a water heat exchanger. The maximum output of 17 kW makes it possible to heat up to 350 m³ of space (with a ceiling height of 2.5 meters this would be an area of approx. 140 m²).

Thanks to its technical design, the stove has a relatively wide range of heat output that can be dialed down to roughly 7 kW.

HERKULES kapličkaKerkotherm tmavě hnědá 608 Kerkotherm olivově zelená 406 Kerkotherm světlý holand 501 Kerkotherm tmavý holand 503 4 292 EUR
HERKULES with exchangerkapličkaKerkotherm tmavě hnědá 608 Kerkotherm olivově zelená 406 Kerkotherm světlý holand 501 Kerkotherm tmavý holand 503 4 295 EUR

Surcharge for other color than those mentioned in the price list is 10 %.
All prices include VAT.

Technical parameters
heating power
7–17 kW
exchanger power
5–11 kW
water exchanger
fuel type
wood, wood briquette
1340 mm
720 mm
780 mm
345 kg,
s výměníkem 360 kg
flue diameter
150 mm
flue outlet
E1D – rear, top by request
E1Dvo – rear
height of neck axis centred
E1D – 1175 mm
E1Dvo – 1175 mm
fuel consumption
cca 3 kg/hr
log length
55 cm
water capacity
30 l
external air inlet

HERKULES žlábek cracelle a kobka
HERKULES žlábek bílý a kobky, sokl atyp
HERKULES žlábek a2kobky starozelená
HERKULES s výměníkem mima slonová kost, hranatý roh a kobka
HERKULES s kobkou diana mima světlý a tmavý holand
HERKULES rustikal zbodený atyp i glazura
HERKULES mima-diana picaso nerez
HERKULES lýdie červená efektní atyp
HERKULES kaplička tabaco-havana
HERKULES kaplička bílá-bordo
HERKULES kapička světlý holand
HERKULES diana-mima picasso nerez atyp
HERKULES tera-tabak
HERKULES s dvoukobkou kaplička hnědá
HERKULES kaplička zelený
HERKULES kaplička světlý a tmavý holand
HERKULES kaplička světlý a tmavý holand
HERKULES hladký světlý a tmavý holand
HERKULES s výměníkem kaplička světlý a tmavý holand, kachle Kerko
HERKULES světlý a tmavý holand s kobkou
HERKULES kaplička hnědá
HERKULES kaplička světlý a tmavý holand s kobkou atyp
HERKULES mima diana světlý a tmavý holand
HERKULES mima tabak

For larger spaces and spaces consisting of separate rooms that would not be adequately reached by heat naturally, we deliver the HERKULES with a water heat exchanger. Of the 7–17 kW generated by this model, 5–11 kW go to the water heat exchanger, where a circulation pump sends hot water to either an accumulation tank or directly to radiators (or possibly radiant floor heating). The relatively high heat output of the stove can supply radiators and still have enough hot water to meet household needs. Considering the high performance of the stove, we believe the use of an accumulation tank is more suitable and we recommend it.

It is important to note that the HERKULES model with water heat exchanger falls under the category of heat sources requiring a mandatory inspection once every 2 years pursuant to the Clean Air Act 201/2012 Coll. Section 17 para. 1 let. h). The high output of the stove is to a considerable degree due to the large dimensions of the firebox. With a width of 720 mm it is as wide as less powerful stoves such as OLYMPUS, AFRODITA and ZEUS. However, the HERKULES is considerably deeper, 780 mm, making it possible to stoke logs up to 55 cm long. The stove is equipped with two grills, and thanks to the shape of the firebox can be loaded “to the ceiling”. During a slow burn at high temperatures with plenty of coals and the damper down, the interval for adding logs can be extended to several hours so you won’t have to feed the fire at night.

The large firebox is matched by the mass of tiles surrounding it. The tiles further increase the amount of radiant heat released into the space once the fire dies out. The mass of tiles can be further increased by adding a top box above the upper cornice of the stove. This will make the HERKULES even more robust, massive and monumental. Of course this adds to the weight of the stove, which without a top box is 345 kg for models without a heat exchanger and 360 kg with a heat exchanger. This weight must be considered particularly when installing the stove into older buildings.

Standard HERKULES models use a “chapel” tile design in green, brown or a combination of light and dark, with rounded legs. As with our other stoves, when ordering you can select any color from the catalog of tile manufacturers Kerkotherm and KaK Poker. You can also choose from top or rear flue exhaust.

As with other stoves, the recommended fuel is dry hardwood or quality wood briquettes. Wood should not have a moisture content greater than 20%, which corresponds to roughly 2 years of storage. For proper burning and heating it is important to connect to a suitable and properly sized chimney with a flue pipe at least 150 mm in diameter with effective height of at least 5 meters.

Naturally, when installing the stove it is necessary to comply with fire protection and safety measures, including placement of the stove at a distance of at least 20 cm from walls (and twice that distance from combustible materials), placing the stove on a fireproof base (extending at least 300 mm in front of the door and ashpan and 100 mm in other directions), etc.

Professional installation and connection can be arranged upon sale, but are not included in the price of the stove.


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