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Just as the AFRODITA model has a smaller version with lower heat output, there is also a NYMFA MINI that is ideal for heating smaller spaces. NYMFA MINI stoves are 1 cm taller, but 10 cm narrower and 2 cm shallower than the classic NYMFA. The shape of the stove enables it to fit in more kinds of spaces, alcoves, etc. Compared to the visually similar AFRODITA MINI, the firebox of the NYMFA MINI is lower, sitting directly on a tile base with rounded or square tile legs. The main difference compared to the larger NYMFA is of course the lower heat output, which can be regulated between 3–8 kW. When using an external air intake the stove can be used to heat energy efficient and passive heat homes, as well as smaller residential or social spaces.

heating power
3–8 kW
fuel type
wood, wood briquette
E1 U
1110 mm
620 mm
450 mm
180 kg
flue diameter
150 mm
flue outlet
rear, top
height of neck axis centred
910 mm
fuel consumption
cca 1,5 kg/hr
log length
33 cm
external air inlet

NYMFA MINI, kaplička, hnědá
NYMFA MINI kaplička, hnědá KK 608
NYMFA MINI kaplička, červená
NYMFA MINI diana, bordó KK 301
NYMFA MINI diana, bordo KK 301
NYMFA MINI kaplička, MX 102
NYMFA MINI rustikal hlazený, světlá olivová lesklá MX 103
NYMFA MINI kaplička, světlý a tmavý holand
NYMFA MINI mima, nerez lesk KK 711
NYMFA MINI diana, tabák KK 621
NYMFA MINI rustikal hlazený, světlá olivová MX 103
NYMFA MINI kaplička, hnědá KK 608
NYMFA MINI diana, tabák KK 621
NYMFA MINI diana, tabák KK 621
NYMFA MINI kaplička, světlý a tmavý holand
NYMFA MINI kaplička, světlý a tmavý holand
NYMFA MINI kaplička, světlý holand
NYMFA MINI šimeček
NYMFA MINI kaplička, olivovozelná KK 406

The stove is fitted with an E1 U stove liner designed to vertically burn logs up to 33 cm in length. The liner of the standard model is surrounded by 4 rows of tiles. As with all our stoves, various customization is possible including selection of tile color and design, shape of legs (rounded or square), an extra row of tiles, or possibly tiles on all sides (in which case the flue pipe must run from the top, otherwise you can choose between top and back) etc.

The NYMFA MINI stove cannot be used with a water heat exchanger, it is better suited to heat open space that is not divided by walls and doors.

As with other stoves, the recommended fuel is dry hardwood or quality wood briquettes. Wood should not have a moisture content greater than 20%, which corresponds to roughly 2 years of storage. For proper burning and heating it is important to connect to a suitable and properly sized chimney with a flue pipe at least 150 mm in diameter with effective height of at least 5 meters.

Naturally, when installing the stove it is necessary to comply with fire protection and safety measures, including placement of the stove at a distance of at least 20 cm from walls (and twice that distance from combustible materials), placing the stove on a fireproof base (extending at least 300 mm in front of the door and ashpan and 100 mm in other directions), etc.

Professional installation and connection can be arranged upon sale, but are not included in the price of the stove.


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