3 200 EUR include VAT
with exchanger
3 613 EUR include VAT

The prices are in standard color.

The NYMFA tile stove is one of our oldest designs that continues to prove its worth. It is fitted with an E1 stove liner (or an E1 VO for models with a water heat exchanger). This is the same liner used in other traditional stoves like the OLYMPUS, AFRODITA and ZEUS. The stove puts out between 5–11 kW, 4–8 kW of which goes to heat water in models with a water heat exchanger. In a well-insulated house this is sufficient to heat up to 250 m³ (or roughly 100 m² with high ceilings of 2.5 m).

And how does the NYMFA differ from the other models mentioned above? Mainly in that the firebox is much lower and sits directly on the tile base. The OLYMPUS, ZEUS and AFRODITA all have another row of tiles between the firebox and the base, so the NYMFA is lower. The standard model features rounded tile legs, but a popular option due to the lower height is to install the stove without legs directly on a pedestal, base or bench etc. Then space beneath the stove can be used to store wood. This evokes an atmosphere of traditional tiled ovens and stoves in rural homes.

heating power
7–11 kW
exchanger power
5–8 kW
water exchanger
fuel type
wood, wood briquette
E1, E1 VO
1100 mm
720 mm
470 mm
215 kg
flue diameter
150 mm
flue outlet
E1 – rear, top
E1 VO – top, rear by request
height of neck axis centred
E1 – 910 mm
E1vo – 886,5 mm
fuel consumption
cca 2,1 kg/hr
log length
33 cm
water capacity
20 l

NYMFA + kobka, světlý a tmavý holand
NYMFA, kaplička, bílá lesk
NYMFA kaplička, bílá KK 113
NYMFA regina a kaplička, tabák, sokl
NYMFA kaplička, olivovozelená KK 406, sokl
NYMFA kaplička, brilantní bílá KK 113
NYMFA kaplička, světlý a tmavý holand
NYMFA kaplička, olivovozelená KK 406, sokl
NYMFA žlábky malé, herbst č. 110
NYMFA kaplička, olivovozelená KK 406
NYMFA kaplička, hnědá KK 608
NYMFA kaplička, hnědá KK 608
NYMFA kaplička, hnědá KK 608
NYMFA kaplička, olivovozelená KK 406
NYMFA kaplička, olivovozelená KK 406
NYMFA kaplička, olivovozelená KK 406

That is why one often sees stoves in cottages, farmhouses or guesthouses renovated in traditional style. This tradition is also reflected in the mostly widely used tile colors and design, i.e. a chapel design in green or brown. As with our other stoves, you can choose whatever tile color and design you like. The flue pipe can run from either the back or top.

In models with a heat exchanger, 8 kW out of a total of 11 kW goes to heat water in the hot water heating system that can easily heat separate, distant rooms. The 3 kW radiated into the space where the stove is located will heat roughly 60 m³ (approx. 24 m² with a ceiling height of 2.5m). Using and connecting a stove with a water heat exchanger provides greater comfort and long-term savings on heating costs. However, the investment in installation is higher and the installation itself is technically more demanding. This makes more sense for permanent residences than weekend cottages etc. Circulation pumps require electricity, and possibly a back-up power source in the event of power outages, or water intake and outlet using a cooling loop. It is possible (but again more expensive) to send heated water to an accumulation tank instead of directly to the heating system. This is a very efficient use of the heat produced by the stove that provides hot water for utility use.

As with other stoves, the recommended fuel is dry hardwood or quality wood briquettes. Wood should not have a moisture content greater than 20%, which corresponds to roughly 2 years of storage.

All regular and hot water stoves require professional installation and connection while complying with all regulations and fire safety standards, including placement of the stove at a distance of at least 20 cm from walls (and twice that distance from combustible materials), placing the stove on a fireproof base (extending at least 300 mm in front of the door and ashpan and 100 mm in other directions), etc. and having a properly sized chimney with a flue pipe at least 150 mm in diameter with effective height of at least 5 meters. The connection of the stove to a hot water system is performed by a professional heating company. The cost of these services is not included in the price, but all arrangements can be made when buying the stove.


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