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tiles Kerkotherm

The history of the Kerkotherm company begun in early 1991 when the production in a new factory KaMNa Košice was initiated within the Ceramic Factory Košice (Keramické závody Košice). The company had had more than 30 years of experience with ceramic production at that time. Stoves were manufactured from a heat-resistant earthenware material by manual forming into plaster moulds, retouching, drying, glazing and single firing.

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tiles MK PROFI

The MK Profi Kachlová kamna s.r.o. company with head office in Horní Planá by the Lipno dam was created in 1995 by transformation of an original small firm that had existed since 1990. At those times the owners followed up with the stove building craft of their parents.

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