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Company store
Pražská 321
675 26 Želetava

Ludvík Lelek
phone: +420 731 375 992
e-mail: kamna@brabenec.infolelekl@brabenec.info

Opening hours

monday: 9–18
tuesday: 9–18
wednesday: 9–18
thursday: 8.30–16
friday: 8.30–16
saturday and sunday: closed

Anytime after working hours or on the weekend, we on the phone number +420 604 963 276 or bell.

There are 3 functional systems of heating with our stoves in our company store directly at the factory premises in Želetava where you may see them in reality. We believe in our products that heat up the building of a company store and a part of manufacturing premises. We can therefore practically demonstrate 3 heating systems to our customers.

E3 Pepo

Our largest fireplace insert with a unique system of top combustion is situated in our testing room. It heats up the premises for tiles glueing which require a constant temperature level of approx. 16 °C during winter even at night.

The Herkules stove with water exchanger (E1dvo)

Tiled stove with water exchanger situated in the area of the company store heats up the store and adjacent administration premises.

BES – tiled stove with the E1u insert

Situated in a meeting room. Serves to heat up the meeting room and to create the atmosphere of this space.

Saving of heating costs is considerable as well. Due to the fact that these old buildings are not thermally insulated, the costs of gas heating equalled approx. 2 365 EUR a year. Having installed our water system of heating, annual costs for heating equal approx. 1 090 EUR.

We will gladly guide you through the world of wood heating in our company store and help you design a solution fit to your needs. Come and warm up by the stove in Želetava.

We will be happy to see you!

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