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The history of the Brabenec company from the Vysočina region dates back to 1922 when Jan Brabenec together with his associate Antonín Böhm establishes machine works in the village of Lesonice. Jan Brabenec transfers his machine works into the village of Želetava in 1930 and continues business as a sole trader. In the interwar period the machine works focuses on agricultural machines manufacturing, distilling industry and other areas connected with agricultural produce processing and also manufactures wood gas engines. Jan Brabenec as well as his successor son Josef Brabenec are the authors of a number of then patents and improvements.

During World War II the machine works focuses beside other things on upgrade of automobile wood gas drive and helps local manufacturers overcome a difficult time period.

The family entrepreneurial tradition of the Brabenec company in Želetava was interrupted in 1948. In spite of that Josef Brabenec stays in the company management up until 1980s.

Restitution claim in 1993 brought about the return of the Brabenec machine works in Želetava. Sons Josef and Jiří are launching the manufacturing of stainless steel stations for testing apartment and industrial flow meters and heat meters. Other machine processing of black and stainless steel has been gradually taken on.

The company owner Josef Brabenec decided to install stove at his house in 1996. Unfortu­nately, no stove met his expectations of professional heating and design. Therefore he decided to take advantage of his machine works and together with his employees he manufactured the first Želetava stove. The basic requirements involved a combination of the utility properties of combustion, radiation, accumulation and design. It didn’t take long and his friends and acquaintances wanted to have a stove like this. Thus the manufacturing of the first stove units begins and the production of Želetava stoves gets under way after certification in 2000. We have been following a simple rule since the beginning of the Želetava stoves development and manufacturing. Only quality materials and professional work may guarantee the utility value that a customer expects. The Brabenec company does not produce thousands, but only hundreds of stoves and fireplace inserts a year, that is why it may afford to approach a customer individually. We offer tailor-made solutions for our customers and that is our major asset.

If you are looking for a high-quality Czech product from a traditional Czech family business from the Vysočina region and don’t want to have one of the thousands stoves that are sold in hobby markets every year, then the Želetava stove is the right choice for you. Our care does not end with stove assembly. We are able to provide our customers with regular service and pre-heating season maintenance which is, as is the case with cars, essential for an optimal stove performance.

Traditional and Professional Heating

The Želetava stoves are based on research, years of experience and common sense. Our team works continuously to improve the Želetava stoves and fireplace inserts. Naturally the best ideas emerge directly when heating in a stove. That is why our employees heat in our stoves and fireplace inserts both at their households and at our premises in Želetava. Their practical knowledge is the most precious asset. On that account the Želetava stoves won a number of awards.

Let’s get back to traditional values and the cycle of nature. Wood heating and looking into fire have been accompanying mankind since the beginning of time. Go ahead and experience again how pleasant the feeling of a healthy radiant heat of our Želetava stove is.


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